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The website (hereinafter “website”) is the property of MONOCOSMOS OÜ (hereinafter “we”), with registered office in Narva mnt 5, 10177 Tallinn, Estonia (company with registration number 12726280).

Knowing that privacy is of crucial importance for website users, we commit ourselves to adopting a set of measures that guarantee the maximum protection of personal data collected after visiting the website of our property, which we will treat and manage according to good practices in data processing, and in accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 (of December 13), on the Protection of Personal Data and the provisions that regulate its development (Law on the Protection of Data). This document explains in detail what information can be collected from users and how to obtain it, as well as clarifies how the collected data will be treated and what measures are available to protect the privacy of the user.

It is important to read carefully this privacy policy: the use and enjoyment of the website implies that the user gives his consent to have their data and information treated in the manner described below.

  1. Obtaining data and information

1.1 The user can visit the website without having to provide any data or information (except in the case provided in clause 12 on cookies, included in this document.

1.2 At the moment in which the user interacts with the website (including the use of our tool “Live Chat”), the personal data collected will be stored in our databases (in hard copy and electronic support), and properly managed in accordance with current legislation. By “personal data” we understand all personal and / or financial information that: i) is provided directly by the user or third parties, such as the credit rating agencies -from this moment “ECC” -, especially ASNEF- EQUIFAX, fraud prevention entities (hereinafter, EPF), Information Services on Solvency and Credit, SL, and / or EQUIFAX IBÉRICA, SL, «ASNEF-EQUIFAX» at the time of formalizing the request for opening of a user account or of requesting other products and / or services, in addition to the data and information provided by the user and / or the aforementioned entities at any other time or circumstance; ii) they are collected from the user’s use of our website, our services and / or products and their accounts (transactions, payments made … to or from your account on our website). Data and information obtained from agencies such as ASNEF-EQUIFAX include references to the user’s solvency.

1.3 When the user makes a query by email to the email address, or if you request a product and / or service, it is possible that in turn you will be asked for additional information and data to provide a better service and meet your request in an optimal way.

1.4 As usual, the following data and information are collected:

  1. Personal information: name and surname.
  2. Email.
  3. Place and state of your residence.
  4. Mobile phone.
  5. Data and information provided through the «Live Chat» tool.
  6. Data and information about the use that the user makes of our website (see section 12 on cookies, in this same document).
  7. Information provided by third parties in order to offer a better service and products more adjusted to the specific needs of the user (s) potentially interested in them, with their prior authorization to use this data and information for that purpose (we will try, in As far as possible, ensure the reliability of these data and information by checking them periodically through the contact maintained with the user (s).
  1. Use of the data and information collected

The information obtained through the modes indicated in the previous section will be stored and processed by electronic means with the following purposes:

Check the identity and creditworthiness status of the user, in order to properly assess your service request (or other goods and / or services offered) and process it appropriately.

Evaluate the user’s credit history and verify information about their employment status.

Investigate the data provided to prevent and avoid possible fraud and other fraudulent activities.

Collect debts that the user may have contracted with us.

Detect the needs of the user in order to develop, market and manage goods and services adjusted to them. Inform about news in services and products that may be of interest to the user, as well as study their preferences in order to determine the adequacy of said goods and services, and / or to offer different ones that may be of interest to them. Manage and manage the user account opened on our website. Respond to the doubts and queries of the user. Extract certain data and information to generate statistics that will serve the studies that the company, internally, could perform (market studies, credit ratings, behavior of the consumer, design and development of new products and / or services, etc.). Update the website to offer a better service to the user and satisfy their needs in a more adequate way.

  1. Data and information exchanged with third parties

3.1 The data and personal information of the user may be shared with the members of our group of affiliated companies. Currently formed by MONOCOSMOS OÜ in Estonia, without prejudice to the possibility of adding other entities in the future. This list of affiliations may change with certain periodicity (this document will be duly updated with each change registered at the time). All the aforementioned companies will process the data and information shared for the purposes indicated above, in this same document.

3.2 With the authorization of the user and only if necessary, we can provide your data and information to third parties not linked to our entities Affiliated with the following purposes: The provision of specific services by third parties to improve the relationship with the user, provide a better service, offer more appropriate products or protect both their interests and ours, in accordance with the provisions of the contract of the service. Processing and collection of debts through direct debit or other channels that the user had to pay in accordance with the service contract requested. Information on special campaigns, as described below, in the “User information” section of this same document. Protection of our rights, assets, interests and security , those of affiliated entities or third parties complying with current legislation through the exchange of information with third parties (such as agencies and regulatory entities, or State Security Forces). If there is a change in ownership of the business or assets in our possession, the data and relevant information could be transferred so that the new owners could continue to exercise the same business activities in the most efficient way possible, providing the most appropriate services to the clients. Therefore, the data and information of the user may be communicated to the new holders of the shares, or to any entity or body in possession of assignments or transfers of the contracts previously signed with our customers. In order to protect the data and information from them, we will impose the limitations and obligations that are appropriate to these third parties.

  1. Entities for credit rating and prevention of fraudulent activities

4.1 We can collaborate with certain credit rating entities and prevent fraudulent activities in order to make better decisions.

4.2 At the moment of requesting a service or opening a user account In our website, the pertinent checks on the data and the information of the user and third parties in the following databases and registers will be made: In our same database with the register of users and customers. In the registers of the CCPs. At the time of a check in the ECC databases, it is recorded and can be collated by other lenders. The CCPs provide public information (including the electoral census data), and shared information on the credit file and the prevention of fraud. In the records of the EPFs.

4.3 We will check and verify the data and information about users, agencies and entities with in order to detect and prevent possible crimes, such as money laundering. We can also make recurring inquiries in the registers of the CCPs and EPFs in order to update our databases, manage the account that the user has with us, identify appropriate commercial communications for the client / s, and ensure the fulfillment of the own obligations for a responsible management of our credit products.

4.5 If the user provides incomplete, erroneous or false data and information, and / or if we suspect or detect any fraud, we will leave a record of it we could communicate it to the s EPF and / or other agencies dedicated to preventing fraud and crimes. The State Security Forces and Forces, and institutions and organizations dedicated to the prevention of frauds and crimes will have access to this information and may use it as they deem most appropriate. We will also have access to this information, which we can use to prevent fraud and crimes, such as money laundering, at the time of: Checking the service application. Manage the service, accounts and other tools related to the same. Proceed to the collection of the debt / s contracted / s. Carry out verifications of applications and insurance claims of any kind. Perform checks on the personnel employed and job applications.

4.8 The data and the User and / or client information may be used for purposes other than those explicitly consented by him, only in those cases in which the legislation on protection of personal data is imposed or permitted.

  1. Use of user and / or customer data abroad As detailed in section 3, “Data and information exchanged with third parties”, some companies affiliated with our group (and, on certain occasions, third parties to which we provide data) and information on the user and / or client) operate abroad. These companies and third parties undertake to maintain the security measures implemented by us in order to guarantee the proper use of the data and information exchanged.
  2. Contact routes We and the third parties mentioned above may contact the user and / or customer (except in the case of not having expressly authorized), by telephone, text message (SMS), traditional mail (postal), fax or messaging automatic In the pertinent section of this same document the details on the modes and contact routes used for commercial and marketing purposes are offered.
  3. Data conservation Data and personal information will be stored according to the purposes for which they were obtained. Normally,

7.1 The data and information will be kept for the period of time necessary to guarantee an adequate service and in line with the expectations of the user of the website.

7.2 If the user of the website and / or the client has not authorized us to use your data and information for commercial purposes, these may also be retained to ensure that the system implemented on the website reflects your real preferences.

7.3 In general, all transactions that the user and / or customer make through the website will be recorded. website for a period of time not less than 6 years, counting from the end of the commercial relationship maintained with us, in order to respond to possible disputes and / or claims arising during the aforementioned period, always in accordance with the legitimate needs of our activity and in accordance with legislation on the protection of personal data.

7.4 Other information and information will be kept s necessary on the user and / or client in order to comply with current regulations, or in accordance with the legitimate needs of our commercial activity.

  1. Information to the user

8.1 With the acknowledgment by the user of having read and accepted this document about our privacy policy, we consent to the periodic sending of commercial communications with offers on our products that, in our opinion, could be interesting for the user by the following routes: text messages (SMS), traditional mail (postal), email, telephone or automatic messaging

8.2 At the time of sending an application, in the process of subscribing to our blog, and downloading information, the user will be asked for authorization to use their data and information in accordance with the provisions of this section

8.9. Accessibility to the personal data and information of the user The user will have access to his / her data and personal information contained in our database, if he / she has previously requested it in writing. This access request must be sent individually to the different affiliated companies of our group to the databases of which you wish to access. You can also oppose the use and treatment of your personal data and information by exercising your rights of access, modification, rectification, opposition and cancellation in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act, by contacting MONOCOSMOS OÜ in writing.

10 Update of information and preferences

10.1 If any information or information we have about the user is not updated or is not correct, we will modify it in a timely manner when it is indicated by the user. same user.

10.2 If the user wishes to review / modify their preferences and / or contact data for commercial purposes, they should contact our Data Protection Department through the channels indicated in the appropriate section of this document.

  1. About confidentiality and security

11.1 The security and privacy of the data and information of customers and users is of utmost importance to us. Therefore, we have the appropriate technological and security tools in line with our data protection policy, and we have implemented the necessary measures to ensure the maximum protection and security of this data and information.

11.2 In spite of taking the appropriate measures to protect the data and personal information of customers and users, the security risks continue to exist and are inherent in the operations, transactions and communications made through the Internet; therefore, it is not possible to guarantee the security of the data and the information provided through this medium at 100%. Due to this reason, and unless otherwise expressly requested by us, the user should not provide personal / confidential data and information online (see the section “Data of special sensitivity” included in this document) .


  1. About cookies

12.1 We use cookies to analyze the use of our website by the user / s, their traffic and the behavior of the visits they receive. Our partners may also use cookies to develop patterns of behavior for commercial and marketing purposes. The pages of MONOCOSMOS OÜ visited by the user install cookies on their computer to provide information about their visits that helps to provide a more appropriate service adapted to the needs of the user / s. Almost all browsers allow the use of cookies, and accept them automatically if not indicated otherwise in the browser configuration section, through which you can modify the preferences in this sense if desired. If the user rejects the acceptance of cookies, it is not possible guarantee for our part an adequate user experience in the use of our website, which in some cases may be interrupted or be slower than usual. The cookies are anonymous: they do not store passwords or data on the identity of visitors, the location of them, financial activities or preferences that could be related to a specific user or their identity. We use anonymous and conjunct data We advise our users and / or customers to better understand the behavior on our website, for commercial purposes and to improve their experience as a user and / or customer, as well as to improve the website itself. These data can be provided to third parties (such as marketing and advertising companies), without ever including personal data or information to identify customers and / or users. If the user does not want to allow the use of cookies, they must follow the process here indicated taking into account that this process does not apply to the cookies used by our partners (partners) .

12.2 Use of cookies by MONOOSMOS OÜ through SECOKESSES, OKESSESSION: it allows to identify the user with each login. WEBSITE #: provides information on the user’s and / or client’s preferred language when using our website .__ UTMZ, __UTMA, __UTMC, __UTMB, UTM_SOURCE: GOOGLE cookies , used to provide statistical data about visits to our website. * – SKEY, * -VID, and HumanClickSiteContainerID_ *: cookie of the tool «Live Chat» .__ RequestVerific ationToken_ *: protection and security cookie.Stv: aimed at improving the accessibility and use of the website.campaign_code: used to store codes of promotions and offers for clients.

  1. Links to third-party websites. Our website may include links to third-party sites, which will be procured at all times that are quality sites and that enjoy a good reputation. Despite this, we can not respond to the privacy policies, practices, services offered and the content of these sites that are the responsibility of third parties; The user must review at all times the privacy policies of the websites linked to ours.
  2. Data of special sensitivity There is data and information considered particularly sensitive by the Law on the protection of personal data, such as those relating to health, ethnic origin, ideology and / or political affinities, union membership / activity, beliefs of a religious, ideological or philosophical nature, and the sexual orientation of the users. If data of this nature were to be used, the user will be previously notified of this intention, requesting his express authorization.
  3. Jurisdiction of the privacy policy The privacy policy detailed in this document may only be applied to the data and information collected by us (

17.The user may exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the processing of their personal data by directing a written communication to the aforementioned address or by contacting us through the following email address:

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