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The Ultimate Marketplace for Lenders and Affiliates

API-powered affiliate platform seamlessly connects consumers, lenders, affiliates and brokers achieving the best cost efficiencies for all.

What We Do

MONOCOSMOS Affiliate Platform connects Affiliates and Brokers with Lenders improving returns for all. MONOCOSMOS’ API technology allows for electronic applications to sent without compromising lead’s sensitive contact information. Only upon Lender’s approval and purchase confirmation will be sent lead’s sensitive contact information.

Affiliates & Traffic Partners

Our unique platform allows you to quickly monetise in the best efficient way accessing the largest diversity of online Lenders on the market with the best ROI.



We protect lead’s contact information until the the purchase is confirmed thanks to our technology allowing Lenders to score applications without the lead’s contact data being compromised.


Fast Commision

To pay out broker’s commissions as quickly as possible we work NET 30 ensuring that you get your money as soon as it is available. Additionally we have mechanisms in place to ensure you get your money into you account without delays.

Highest value leads

Increased Efficiency

Thanks to our dynamic lead distribution API-based process your leads will reach multiple lending institutions, thus improving the chances of conversion at the best possible payout in your market.

Lending Institutions

We connect you with customers meeting your lending prerequisites, ensuring the leads you pay for are immediately turned into successful loans.


Smart Lead Screening Process

As a Lender you are guaranteed high quality leads thanks to our pre-screening process  that uses a combination of Instantor, eMail, mobile, and SSN algorithms.

Fastest commission

Scoring and Filtering

We provide you the ability to score the lead before purchasing with up to 50 data-points including customer ID, location, demographic and financial insight.


Conveniently Adjust Your Payouts

As a Lending institution you have full control over the payout amount per lead, budget (daily, weekly, monthly), and amount of leads you desire to purchase at any given time.

Connecting and Creating Value

We envision the possibility to continue growing within the personal lending industry while providing differentiating value in constant cooperation with our clients.

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